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What can I use on my face? Im a 17 year old girl....?

I am 17 years old and want something for everyday use. I was thinking of using an anitwrinkle cream on my skin because I wanna have nice skin when im 30-40. What should I use to keep it healthy and youthful looking? Are antiwrinkle creams safe to use at my age? I want something that will keep my skin tight!!

What can I use on my face? Im a 17 year old girl....?
Don't use anti-wrinkle cream if you don't need it!!!!!

It won't do you any good

The best thing to do is use facial wash with no perfume or color, it's best if it's natural, and then moisturize (no perfume again) everyday after you've washed your face.

My favorite range is Simple, but that's in the UK. I have no idea what you have to choose from. :]

Also, the main key to great skin is what you eat.

Plenty of fresh fruit and water will make your skin beautiful =]
Reply:I get compliments on my skin all the time and I have three swear by it reasons that produce good skin...1) Oil of Olay products, just use the daily foam cleanser and also moisturizer 2) I avoid dairy as much as possible and I'm a vegetarian and 3) You are too young to hear ;-)
Reply:Honestly, if you read most consumer reports on them, most wrinkle creams are POINTLESS and minimal at best. At 17, you're washing money down the drain.

What TO do: Avoid heavy sun exposure (the most common cause of prematurely aging skin!), wear sunscreen and facial moisturisers or cover-up with SPF in it, drink LOTS of water (cleanses pores), and avoid alcohol and cigarettes (it ruins your skin, and you can tell by 40 who did it and who doesn't!). But you're smart, so you don't do these anyway.

Don't waste your $$ on those silly expensive creams!!
Reply:use a mosturizer every morning and night. that makes sure you have no wrinkles when your older. thats what everyone i know says.

Are Mass Media Models affecting Society?

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder," is an old cleche, but it is true. When one society observes what is considered beautiful in another society it can seem strange (especially on National Geographic). Is female beauty learned from mass media in modern American and European societies? If it is, could it be harmful to the women who dont fit part or all of the mold and to the men and women who buy into the absolute opinions of mass media? I wonder if the opinions of society would be the same if people were not bombarded with motivating associations to certain images. For example (blond=pretty, brunette=plain), (thin=pretty, fat=ugly), (lots of skin visible or skin tight clothes=sexy, less skin visible or loose fitting clothes=frumpy), (young=desirable, old=sad and alone)...

Are Mass Media Models affecting Society?
It's very harmful to non-Caucasian women especially. If they're banning trans fats, they need to go ahead and get rid of the overly tall models (something is inherently wrong when a woman's taller than her father, I always say.)
Reply:That they are....but they are just like anything else.
Reply:Wow... What a question! I'd have to say absolutely.
Reply:In a way yes.

In all honesty, I think many of us are at the realisation that what the media says is not only right. There are people standing against that stuff and there are more awareness.

Yes, girls want to be pretty.

And the media affects many of us, including myself.

And who says brunettes are plain?

I think brunettes are the prettiest.

Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and not all of us in Western Society even like the same exact things.

For example, in men.... I am more attracted to darker haired men than lighter haired men.

I don't think blonde guys are ugly. I like darker haired guys better.

I like dark haired guys with any colour eyes and I like them short and thin where as another girl might like a blonde with blue eyes and for him to be buff.

I am not big on buff guys.
Reply:Hollywood has a DISTURBING influence on everyone. Especially those who are easy to manipulate.

inch plant

Im planing to get some hollister jeans i hear they run small what size should i get ?

im a size 0/1 i like them to feel tight but not skin tight.

i wear a size zero in aeropostale

size 0 in american eagle but those fit me kinda loose

i was 106 but im probrably 110 now my jeans are starting to fit tighter what size should i get i want those venice jeans♥

Im planing to get some hollister jeans i hear they run small what size should i get ?
well you'd be best off going to the store and trying them on but it sounds like you'd probably wear a one. i'm 110 but i have to wear a 3 because they are really tight on me in the thighs, but based on your other sizes you seem about one size smaller than me every where so yeah try a one.
Reply:yes, they do run small, im a 5 AND I HAVE TO GET A 7 THERE. but i love there jeans, there the only ones i buy!
Reply:2 b safe get the next size up
Reply:Try either a size 1 or 3. 3 might be a little loose, so you'd be safer getting the size 1.
Reply:I'm the same size and the same weight, but I wear a size 1 in Hollister. Yeah, the AE jeans are kind of loose in a zero but they run big. I hope I could help!
Reply:your best bet is to go to the store and try on different sizes and get the ones that are made for you. obvious.
Reply:Try getting a size 2?
Reply:I'm a size 0 in general but in hollister i'm a size 3.

If anything, you might have to go up at least a size or you should try on a size 1 or 3.

Males of ALL age groups PLEASE READ THIS....PLEASE !?

Guys PLEASE tell the world how you feel when you see a woman dressed in skin tight jeans, not just tight or snug to show off her shape, but I'm talking so tight you can see her vaginal lips around the inseam of her jeans...or if she is wearing a top that has a neckline that is showing off cleavage...then how do you feel when you see it's a padded bra?...or if she is wearing skirts so short you can see her bare assed cheeks in clear sight when she bends over...and no pantie hose or stockings at all...only a G string?...Now PLEASE express your feelings about how you would feel looking at a woman like this and then express your emotions if that same woman was your Wife or your Mother...and then what if she was 53 years old?

Males of ALL age groups PLEASE READ THIS....PLEASE !?
gross to be honest. working in a city centre i see it all the time. its women reliving their youth but its not working. i work in st Mary's st in Cardiff and see a lot of hen nites and its not nice seeing older women being letting loose in small clothes when blokes are laughing at them, and taking bets who can score! good luck
Reply:OK wow i am guessing this is your mother?I feel really bad for you!
Reply:I'm repulsed by all flamboyantly obnoxious attempts at being sexy through overly revealing dress. If a woman has a good figure and wants to show it off, anything will do; she doesn't need to go to an extreme which often looks trashy. Don't get me wrong, I love when my girl does a little something special with her attire, but understatement is best. What's more is that being sexy has NOTHING to do with clothing and everything to do with confidence and self-esteem; it's an attitude projected from within, not an outfit you put on from the outside.

Now, having said that, I seem to be in the minority. I can't tell you the number of fat girls that I see who wear low riders with a half shirt and yet they bulge in the middle. How can they think this is 'sexy'? I see a l of girls wearing low riders with their 'whale tail' thong sticking up, visible on their backside. This is about as sexy as those dopey boys who wear their pants half way down their butts. Maybe I am too old to understand this. Or, more likely, I am too classy. (And obviously not afraid to say it.)

If this was your wife or mother, you have to ask her why she feels she has to dress that way. What is she not getting that makes her feel insecure or not sexy or whatever so that she has to try to compensate. If she insists that there is nothing wrong and she just likes to dress that way, you have to options: 1) Figure out why she is, perhaps, lying or isn't conscious of the problem or 2) Tell her that she embarrasses you and you do not want to be seen with her like that.

Good luck.
Reply:Everything but the cleavage is more than way out.

Cleavage is not a nasty. Just look around you.

Being 60 I would most likely try to pick up this lady, even at the super market.'


But if your the child, then I feel for you and can only say, sit her down with the rest of the family and have an intervention.

Slang details.?

My sister is doing something for school and she needs words that kids say that dont mean the same thing as in the dictionary.

Ex: Tight- cool (slang word)

Tight- wrapped around; skin tight (ditcionary version)

Things like that Thanks for your help.

Slang details.?
Dude-means guy
Reply:Sick... means cool in slang.
Reply:def ~ slang for being deep.

deaf ~ inability to hear
Reply:bad.... means awesome or cool

crazy.... also means cool
Reply:wicked - cool
Reply:Hot - something awesome, cool, great.

Hot - Used of physical heat; having a high or higher than desirable temperature or giving off heat or feeling or causing a sensation of heat or burning
Reply:go to
Reply:bangin- means kOOl Or hOt

rat- means a hOe

skeeza- means a hOe tOO

dippy- means sOmeOne whO's slOw

gimme dem rOunds- means let's fight

kicks- means sneakers

ballin- means sOmeOne who's qOt mOney

cakiin- means sOmeOnes whO's gOt alOt Of mOney

paper- means mOney

dOpe man- means sOmeOne whO sells

custy- means sOmeOne whO buys drugs frOm dealer/ Or it

cudd mean a crackhead

hOpe this helpz.......liviin in tha city dOes help
Reply:bangin - something nice or comely - a positive word.

nasty - you're good at something - ex: you're nasty at softball

beast - kinda like nasty.

dog - homie


GUYS: Can you tell that a girl has nice, big boobs, if they're not showing???

Let's say she's wearing something nice and pretty, like a two-piece suit and there is no cleavage showing. Or maybe nice tight jeans and a cute top, with a jacket over it....basically u can't see any boobs and the top is not skin tight!

If she had a great set, would you be able to tell that she did??? If so, what makes it obvious? Do you have to stare at them, to figure it out? How close do you need to get, to figure out that she has got some really nice big boobs?

I ask because I got a nice rack, but I don't always wear tops with cleavage showing, or tight shirts. So, I wonder how much guys can figure out? Share your thoughts guys!

GUYS: Can you tell that a girl has nice, big boobs, if they're not showing???
It isn't very difficult to figure out a woman has nice racks even if it isn't too obvious. You don't have to be wearing a deep v-neck for us to realize you are sexy.

I wouldn't stare and make it very obvious to a woman unless the relationship is very different. Especially when you don't wear revealing clothes, it is understood that you aren't exactly showing off your body. And it might even be rude for me to shift my eyes over your racks, leave alone stare at them.

It's all about how comfortable you are. What you wear usually is about who you are, and what you're comfortable with. I can assure you that "Nice things never go unnoticed ;-)".
Reply:No. Bras these days are like a Bag of Potato Chips. When you open it up and see half a bag it gets kinda annoying!!!!
Reply:IF you are so fine, why don't you have your photo up instead of an avatar?!
Reply:Shame on you for covering up those magnificent "fun bags."

But, I think I just came a little reading your question!

Reply:Your question excites me
Reply:It's harder to know for sure with all the new bra enhancements now-a-days but if you got a lot up top then I'm sure we can tell no matter what you are wearing!
Reply:you should share a picture of them :)

you can tell, just how she stands, looks
Reply:Especially if she's my girl, I like stuff exactly like that, and yes, I can tell. I think it's sexier to leave some things to the builds anticipation and makes you appreciate it more when you do get to see what's underneath.
Reply:By the shape of the cloths
Reply:for me it depends on like her body size if she is thick then i will assume they are big but if she's real skinny then i'll think she is flat chested
Reply:i'm not a guy a days it's harder to tell because of gel bras and wonder bras

maybe you should start wearing the outfit without the jacket on so they have more to view if you are so concerned with the issue?
Reply:Judging by ur pics on your 360 page, trust me, we can tell. Very cute by the way!

But for my personal opinion I can tell you that showing a little is ok, but to much is bad. Making a guy use his imagination is a lot better than just lettign it all hang out!
Reply:It depends on a lot. The more layers you wear, the less a person can tell. Obviously, a girl that is naked, we can pretty much go, "Yup, nice rack." You put a bikini on, we'll still be able to tell, then you put on a loose tee-shirt and some of the mid-level sizes look about the same but really big and really flat are still pretty obvious. You put on a button up blouse over that, and it's a little harder to tell. A jacket over that, and it's still harder, then a coat over that and the mid level sizes and the smaller sizes all kind of blend together. Pretty much, if you can tell, we can tell.
Reply:that is the dumbest question Ive ever heard if you have a nice rack you would think you would be able to see even if your cleavage isnt showing how old are ya 12?

How will my dress fit? Wedding problem!!?

Okay so my brother's wedding is TOMORROW and I am a brides mate.

The dress was altered to fit like SKIN TIGHT. When she had me try the dress on, I had not eaten at all, and it was even tight then.

I tried the dress on tonite and I can't even get the zipper up all the way.

I don't know what the hell to do, because it's tomorrow.

Do you think maybe because I've eaten breakfast, lunch, and dinner it's just feeling tighter. Should I just not eat tomorrow and I'll be okay?

I'm so scared. helppppp

How will my dress fit? Wedding problem!!?
I had this problem with my wedding dress!! Depends on what time the wedding is you may need to see if you can get a last minute alteration. Definitely eat light. Try this: eat nothing but low carb fruits and veggies, exercise, and drink lots of water to cut the water retention, if any. Something else that worked for me was this spa treatment that knocks inches off you in only a session or two within one hour:

find one in your area.

Oh yeah, another thing buy a good girdle or corset. this will pull in areas you may need it the most.
Reply:Go buy some Spanx...or even a knock off brand at Wal Mart...they will suck you in atleast one size and maybe even 2 sizes. You will be able to zip up your dress after you have the Spanx on for sure.
Reply:try a corset or some type of slimming undergarment
Reply:Another dress may be the answer or just wear the dress skin tight , It is up to you . Just be honest and tell the Bride and Groom the truth and get a new dress. It is that simple.
Reply:get some "spanx" there's a body shaper which will take a couple inches off, without any "muffin" tops